Entertainment and infotainment are culturally sensitive.

Language translation alone is insufficient. Messages, as originally embedded in the production, are not conveyed completely by simple language translation.

AmAsia works to find the most culturally appropriate ways to convey intended messages to Japanese audiences. Audiences can then experience the impact of the presentation as it was meant to be experienced.

 Creative Consultation
AmAsia provides consultation during the conceptual and development stages of creative projects on issues of cultural appropriateness and applicability.

 Production Facilitation
We assist foreign producers working with Japanese directors and recording studios. We assist in the production of DRTV marketing and promotional materials for an intercultural context.

 Script and Lyric Translation
We translate theatrical scripts and song lyrics. We also translate industrial videos/trade-show presentation videos, DRTV infomercials and other materials that require an understanding of marketing as well as entertainment.

 Intercultural Choreography
We provide choreographic assistance to guide performers' non-verbal communication so they are understood within a Japanese cultural context when foreign productions are performed in Japanese.

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