International Business

Difficulties adapting to and working in the local culture can:
* Lower productivity;
* Lose sales opportunities; and even
* Lead to the ultimate breakdown of business relationships.

Effective intercultural communication opens doors of opportunity - doors that may ordinarily be closed to outsiders.

Whether your company has an international presence, has contracts with foreign firms, or simply has a multi-cultural staff, our intercultural communication services can help you reach your company's goals.

 Liaison Services
We serve as a liaison between culturally different organizations, facilitating communication and furthering the goals of the partnership, from buyer/seller relationships to joint ventures.

 Market Entry Services
We help you set up your operations in Japan. We assist with setting up an office, hiring and training local staff and getting your sales efforts started.    

 Representation Services
We represent foreign companies in Japan, providing a full range of sales and marketing services to further your company's goals in the market without the expense of opening a Japan branch.

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