• Live entertainment events and theme parks

    1. One-stop communication services between foreign producers and Japanese promoters on subjects such as contract negotiations, marketing, merchandise sales, show production and operation.
    2. Translation of contracts and PR docs and interpretation of meetings and tour operations.
    3. Filming and photographing coordination.
    4. Localization of show and attraction including script translation/adaptation and dubbing supervision.
    5. Local representation of foreign events.
  • TV station-related

    1. Translation of program scripts, overseas sales presentations, corporate slogans, etc.
    2. Interpretation at overseas trade fairs and press conferences.
    3. Translation of press releases, subtitles, storyboards of videos and programs.
  • Local agency

    1. Inviting and managing foreign entertainers for major hotels and wedding venues.
    2. Assisting in obtaining work visas for foreign entertainers.
    3. On-site management of entertainers at festivals and concerts.
  • Sports and Expos

    1. Event coordination at 2005 Aichi Expo.
    2. Liaison and on-site coordination for hospitality functions for major international sports events.
  • UK Fintech

    1. Coordination and management of logistics for marketing events.
  • Intercultural communication training

    1. Providing training sessions to foreign show producers, content rights holders, chemical companies, IT companies, English schools, etc.

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