Communication Services

Effective intercultural communication is crucial for success in international business. AmAsia helps you reach your company’s goals such as enhancing productivity, creating sales opportunities, and building new business relationships.

  • Liaison Services

    We serve as a liaison between organizations from different cultures. Partnering with clients, we facilitate your achieving or expanding goals.

  • Market Entry Services

    We help you set up your operations in Japan. We assist with setting up an office, hiring and training local staff and getting your sales efforts started.

  • Representation Services

    We represent foreign companies in Japan, providing a full range of sales and marketing services to further your goals in the market without the expense of opening a branch.

  • Training Services

    We provide training programs to help international companies and people working within Japan achieve desired business goals. Through the training, you will better:

    1. Recognize the effects of culture and communication differences
    2. Know how to make your own meaning clear
    3. Understand the other person's meaning

Keeping both the big and small picture in mind, we help you open doors to success in complex interactions of culture, language, and interpersonal relationships.