AmAsia has two unique and effective training programs to help international companies and people working within Japan achieve desired business goals.

 Difference Matters - Japan Effectiveness Training

Preparation is one of the keys to international business success.

Though business people operating overseas are expert in their main job responsibilities, they are often ill-prepared for putting those skills to work in a foreign culture.

Difference Matters training shortens the time it takes for an expat to become productive in Japan.

The training helps expat and Japanese professionals understand and accommodate their communication differences. It focuses on the critical communication between subordinates and superiors, with colleagues, and with suppliers and customers.

The program will help prepare you and your employees for interactions with people from different cultures.

Through Difference Matters you will better:
* Recognize the effects of culture and communication style differences
* Know how to make your own meaning clear
* Understand the other person's meaning

For detailed information on Difference Matters training, please visit DifferenceMatters

 Bottom Line Innovation(R)
Breakthrough creativity is difficult to achieve in any environment. It is particularly elusive in standard Japanese offices.

Bottom Line Innovation is a series of problem solving techniques that produce real solutions.

This system works well within a Japanese or mixed Japanese/non-Japanese work environment to find breakthrough ideas that can be implemented.

(R)CW Prather Associates, Inc.

 Tailored Programs
AmAsia will meet your specialized needs by designing tailored training programs.

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